A partner requests the feature to specify client session timeout period per user.
Currently session timeout period is 1 hour. And user cannot change it.
They request that end user can change the client session timeout period.
For example, at User Options>Preference form.


(Business Process and Impact)
A partner developed a form which use temp table. If end user open it and does not use it more than 1 hour, the client session is expired.
After user click [Refresh] button, new session is created and data in temp table is gone.

Under Review


I agree with this Idea. There are some user experiences that need to be left open longer, and when the user returns they can pick up where they left off. This could be a form setting.

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Our D365  auto-logs users out after 24 hours, which is really annoying because if somebody comes in at 8am, logs in, and then gets in at 7:50 the next day, they are still logged in and just after they get started, it logs them out.

If anything the default should be set to 12 or 16 hours - 24 doesnt make sense since it will log out out the same time you logged in the day previous. Please allow us to change it to be lower - i can understand 24 as a max, but please allow us to lower it for all users as needed.

Category: System administration

Due to GDPR and other regulatory requirements, it is becoming more and more relevant (and thereby urgent) to have this posibllity to set ttimeout parameters similar to what you can do in D365 Sales (CRM) as shown here:

activity logging

Category: System administration