The report "Fixed asset balances" provides a good overview about all different balances in the asset accounting (aquisition, depreciation, net book value, etc). 

These balances are very important for the year-end reporting in each company. But unfortunately there is no filter to call this report for a specific day. So if you need the balances for your assets to the end of December 2017 and you already did some new asset transactions in the new year, this report is useless without the filter "Balances per". 

In other reports like the accounts receivable "Open transaction report" such a parameter "Open transactions per" is available. We need the same for the "Fixed asset balances" report.

Please implement a new filter "Balance per" for the "Fixed asset balances" report to extract the balances for a specifc date!

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion! We will track and consider this request for a future release.
Kim Nelson, Program Manager



In addition, please can you add a date filter so this report can be run as of the end of e.g. March 2020 or May 2020.


Category: Financial reporting