A number of retailers have a setup where they have a merchant account with their PSP per store. This helps in being able to search for transactions and separate devices etc across stores. The merchant id setting is currently stored on the hardware profile, and as a result a separate hardware profile is then required per store which is not desirable. Please enable a mechanism where a merchant id set at store level can override the value set on the hardware profile.

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Hi Holly,

I have also spoke to Ruben and Reza directly, (via email) regarding this requirement, with details of the customers I am working with affected. Added on here to drum up more votes! I am not sure what more detail I can provide beyond my description, but will try.

When using the Adyen connector, we create a hardware profile, add the EFT service, and one of the fields displayed is 'Merchant Account Id'. At a number of my customers, this ID value is per store.
As a result, even though all hardware is the same at every store, (printer, cash drawer etc.), and every other field on the EFT service set-up is also the same for every store, we have to create a separate hardware profile per store.
This then requires additional maintenance, for a single property setting.

The lastresponse I got from Reza was:
Yep, this has come up. [Another ISV] recently implemented this as a customization for [Another Customer] (who have thousands of stores).

We recommended [The ISV] against customizing this as there are tons of Omni-Channel flows that read the Merchant Properties so getting this right is really hard. We have a long term plan to redo our Payment/Hardware configuration setup as there are areas for improvement and this is definitely one of the items we can tackle as part of that.

But all in all, we acknowledge the pain point, don’t think it’s easy to customize it, and don’t have cycles to fix it ourselves either ☹. Sorry, probably not the answer you were looking for.

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