Some countries in the European Union have a special legal requirement related to VAT that is not covered in the standard application. The requirement is about VAT groups which requires that one company files the VAT on behalf of other companies. As this is a legal local requirement for example in Germany and Austria, a standard functionality for VAT groups shoul be available in the standard application.

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Currently, requirement to report VAT return for companies that report as a VAT group in the same system database is covered for some countries:

There is also planning to cover this requirement for some other countries: Spain, Germany, Austria, Norway, other countries.

The following idea is considered together with the current one: Microsoft Idea  · VAT reporting for multiple legal entities (dynamics.com)
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Do Microsoft have a time plan for this feature for Norway? Is it already available in 10.0.21 for Sweden?
And has Microsoft created setup documentation on this feature for these two countries?


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Hi Ludwing,

the Vat Group is required also in the Italian localization. Indeed, since the "VAT Group" decree of 6 April 2018, article 1, paragraph 24, of law no. 232, taxable persons established in the territory of the State carrying out business, art or profession activities, for which the financial, economic and organizational constraints jointly occur, may become a single taxable person for VAT purposes. This affects the tax and invoice communications, that should be done witn one VAT, shared among all the companies included in the group.

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Hi Ludwig and Microsoft,

We have similar problem on couple markets. There are VAT groups where couple companies (vendors/customers/legal entities) use the same VAT number.
On other hands one customer/vendor/legal entity can use different VAT numbers if they cooperates on different markets.

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Hi Ludwig, Is this requirement covering that one legal entity could have more than one VAT number depending on the invoice flow?

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Did you also use the "Dynamics ERP Regulatory alert service" on LCS to submit this requirement?

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