In the bank management, the Central European way of posting payments is not supported at all.

In Central Europe, instead of performing bank reconciliation, all bank transactions are posted directly based on bank account statement lines. However the possibility to import and post statements to the GL is dismissed (finally the import method "Finnish Basic").

We need a link from bank statement to GL posting functionality (all ledger/sub-ledgers, mainly customers). According to what we heard in the TechConference 2016, this was already "high priority" but nothing has been released since then.


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Settle bank statement with open customer invoices in advanced bank reconciliation feature will be delivered in 10.0.38 to cover this idea.



Correct this also refers to the dismissed MT-940 import. Resulting to tell every European customer that they should by an ISV solution as functionality is not available anymore.

Setup should be possible to import bankstatement towards GL, or the American way.


Category: Cash and bank management


Not necessarily, bank transactions refer to all kinds of postings:

1. Customer payments: customer accounts (using settlement functionality)

2. Bridging account (cash in trasnfer for outgoing payments to vendors)

3. Main account (for bank fees, interest)

Category: Cash and bank management


To be more precise, the transactions are first posted to a bridging account ("Schwebende Geldbewegungen"), then posted to the bank account upon reconciliation.

Category: Cash and bank management