Recently I have seen an increase in customers requesting the ability to identify the original payment used for a web order, to complete an automatic refund from store (POS) to that same payment. For example, if I use my PayPal account on the website. when I return the goods to a store, the store just refunds straight to my PayPal account. Obviously an override is needed in case the customer requests differently (maybe that paypall account has been closed). I also know this depends on the payment connector / provider abilities, but the key is a button in POS to refund to the web payment method used, and then for the payment connector to attempt it and authorise it LIVE. Hope that makes sense. Feel free to reach out it not!

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion.  Our upcoming cross-channel payment functionality will support this scenario.  Please be aware that the retailer will have to use the same payment processor for both ecommerce and store payment processing for this to be possible.   Thanks - Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager.



When will this be available? Thank you.

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