On Sales order, there is a toggle "Exclude from credit management". For normal sales orders, this is set to No but for call center sales order, this is set to Yes automatically upon order creation.

This change was implemented in 10.0.21 version: Details for issue 572582 (dynamics.com) -

This is causing issues for some customers that would like the credit management check to be performed for all orders, albeit retail orders or SCM sales orders. The reason for the credit management check to be needed on all orders is to prevent ‘risky’ customers to prepay before placing an order.

Suggestion: Please add a toggle in Retail Parameters or Retail Shared Parameters that will allow for customers to select if they want the credit management rules to be applied on all orders or only on SCM orders.

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We are working with the Credit Management feature team to understand the changes needed to enable the Credit management flows for the Commerce orders as well. We will update this idea with the results of that exploration.

Shalabh Jain

Senior Program Manager



The D365 Retail module offers a flexible suite of promotions which are a competitive advantage in specific business scenarios for B2B companies. The business model of those companies incorporates a credit check in sales orders as their customers have credit limits assigned. Removing the possibility of automatically triggering a credit control increases their financial risk significantly. On top of that, this technical modification introduced in version 10.0.21 stops the automatic flow of an order raised via electronic means (EDI, e-commerce) as now orders will be queued for a person to trigger the credit check workflow manually.

This idea will help solve the credit management issue in the short term, and I support it. However, the communications from Microsoft reflect a long term view around not supporting credit management with retail orders. This position is concerning as B2B companies with a variety of discounts and promotions will not be able to enforce credit checks automatically. I suggest reviewing the long-term view to accommodate B2B requirements.

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