Currently when the position of manager is retired (the historical info about bindings of dependent positions remains) this position displays in "Positions hierarchy" viewed as blanc rectangle named "retired position" and even outside the current hierarchical structure. It is caused right thouse historical binding of already retired positions if their "reports to" was set to never. You have to look for who are the historical dependent positions and terminate the binding in "reports to". In other words it means whenever you are going to terminate the position duration you need also don´t forget to terminate its binging to manager in his hierarchy.
The expected behaviour is: when HR wants to expire the position, then the system expires not only the current worker assignment but also all position relationships in one step (in line and other customer's structures). Only in that way it works automatically without need for next steps to keep the structure clean and understandable.

We appreate at least one of these ehancements:
1. if the system is able to terminate also "reports to" bindings in one step together with worker assignments when terminating the position duration in the organization
2. if there is visible the information about depending position on the "Position" form , as not to have to look for who was historically depending on this manager (currenty is visible only "reports to")
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When we retire a position, it would be good if system prompts a warning or error by checking if there are any active positions reporting to it.

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