Currently, receipt re-prints are only available from the journal view in POS. Often, when trying to find the receipt you want to re-print it is quicker to search for the customer using the existing search capabilities, and look at their order history from the customer details view. As it is not possible to re-print from that screen, you then have to note down the receipt id, and go to your journal view to find the order again, which is not a great user experience, and time consuming.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. From the customer details page on POS, if the sales associate clicks on the order history line, then it automatically opens up the Show journal view filtered to only show the order details for the selected line. Why do you have to copy the receipt number?



Shalabh Jain

PM, Microsoft.



Hi Shalabh - I have re-tested this and it appears to be working correctly now.

I tested again in an older environment, (to check my sanity!) - It appears that there was a bug, where, when the transaction had been sync'd to HQ (via P Job), the re-print receipt option no longer showed.

This has been fixed and I can confirm I can re-print receipts from the screen. Please close the idea.

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Personally I'd love a quick way to do an immediate re-print of the last transaction. It was one button press in RMS.

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