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The CRM E-mail editor is very weak. Doesn't support properly the HTML e-mail. The format of the e-mail always changes and gives a bad end result.

The signature doesn't look professional.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion!

We are actively considering this as part of our roadmap.



Dileep Singh

PM, Microsoft 

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  • Sadly this feature is still not available. I contacted Microsoft support and they told me to open a new suggestion and get as many votes and even the support engineer voted for it and said it would be a great functionality. So please all vote here:
  • current email and workflow editor is a disgrace

  • Pasting an image is possible from the sender's perspective, however recipient doesn't see the image. A high risk in my opinion!

  • About time these features will become available!

  • Even the editor for this comment form is a million times better. Please, please, please!

  • Adding/dropping recipients is incredibly painful in the existing editor. It would be great if it worked more like Outlook.

    In fact - make it as "Outlook-like" as possible. OR, even better, make the "Reply" and "Reply All" functions USE Outlook instead of the shoddy CRM email editor.
  • also needs
    - copy and paste of images (e.g. screenshots, snipping tool, etc.) to properly use it as Tech Support tool
    - drag and drop of attachments