Customer enabled Omni-channel commerce order payment feature in Ops. As part of the setup we disabled Pay later option in POS functionality profile and enabled 100% deposit for all customer orders.

When they try to create a customer order in POS, they cannot charge the order to account. It shows an error saying, "You can only apply a payment to a customer account when an order is being picked up. You can't apply a payment when creating or editing an order or quotation."

They able to authorise/charge an order to customer account when I create an order from eCommerce or Ops. The payment is in posted state and is customer's balance is updated when the order is invoiced.

The issue is due to conflicting parameters. The 'Require payment for fulfillment' says 'Card required'. Next, the 'Default deposit percentage' is 100.

Design issue:-
The expected behavior would like to allow the customers to pay later can be accomplished only if -
'Require payment for fulfillment' is 'Allow pay later'
'Default deposit percentage' is 0.
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The Allow On Account Flag should bypass this validation. This validation makes sense if they dont have the ability to pay on account and some for of payment should be provided. But an On Account customer needs the ability to ship from the store using this payment method. The logic should validate if the customer is allowed to use On Account and if Yes allow the On Account payment.

Category: Order capture and checkout