When I am demonstrating the functionality around cash and bank management this is always a place where the solution falls down.

Customers like the idea of blind closing shifts. But a key part of the 'cashing up' process is to complete a bank drop.

At present you cannot complete a bank or safe drop from the blind closed shifts (soon to be Manage shifts) screen. So this results in customers not implementing blind closed shifts at all, at risk of confusing store staff.

Please add buttons to complete both bank and safe drops from the blind closed shifts screen - In fact, all cash/shift operations should be available!
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the product suggestion! This idea is aligned with the product vision and we will love to provide this capability out of the box. However, we do not have a planned release timeline as of now and hence marking it as Declined (please read this as Postponed).




I agree with Andrew. Every customer where I explain and show this, it is a major hassle. You either have to do a customization, or configure a lot of workaround procedures in order to comply with a very common business scenario.

"Store has multiple registers. One of the registers is closing down and the staff member needs to take the till to the backoffice to count, safe drop and declare the remaining tender. However, today you can only perform a bank drop from the Shift overview screen. Safe drops are still not possible. Please complete the options by adding Safe drop capability, but perhaps also float/removal...

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