Budget register entries require "account structure" as field Information. However, according to General ledger the account structure has been clearly defined per main account. In order to fill the account structure in the budget register, it is required to investigate the account structure for each main account. This is an unnecessary extra loop and blocks the data import on GL level.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion. We will consider this in our roadmap. 


Ryan Sandness

PM, Microsoft 



To add to Beth's request to have a separate Account Structure just for budgeting, currently if the account structures are changed halfway through the year for some reason, and you are trying to create a forecast with some actualised and some forecast data (eg 6 months actual, 6 months forecast), then the budget register entries for some of the 6 months of actual data fail.
This can lead to a number of transactions needing to be remapped manually - a time-consuming process that puts users off using the basic budgeting functionality.

Category: Budgeting


I agree 100%. The team preparing the budgets don't even have access to the account structure so this adds an extra unnecessary step. Budgets should just follow the account structure rules already set for "actuals".

Alternately, please allow a separate account structure just for budgeting (which in our case we would just leave wide-open as we don't budget on as-detailed a level as actuals).

Category: Budgeting