Please enable Themes in UCI.
Especially, please implement new Theming colors across forms.

UCI colors is simple, but the color tone of UCI is very inconvenience for the users who have become familiar with WEB UI so far, and it is actually the biggest difficulty for transiting to UCI.
Furthermore, it's strange that UCI doesn't reflect it, even though the system allows themes to be changed. If it can be set, please enable it in UCI as well.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a design limitation in UCI and will be fixed in the upcoming releases.

Paramita Chatterjee
PM, Microsoft.



Hi there,Is there an ETA of when this is going to be fixed?I find it pretty weird that the whole customisation around Themes has still not been implemented for the UCI, considering how long ago UCI was "forced" onto customers.We are at a stage now were we have a customer who want specific colours to be shown across the system, and not just in random areas.There is also the issue of failing accessibility tests when a row is selected and there is blue text on a slightly lighter blue.9 out of 10 times, customers don't need specific colourings, but when that 1 customer is a multi million pound government project, it kinda gets super critical.Please get Theme's fully enabled across the entire Dynamics suite.Big thanks.Lee

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