We would like to have the possibility to import tracking lines into an item journal, warehouse journal, inventory journal, … by using configuration packages.

When starting up a new company we need to post the initial inventory of the items.

Configuration packages are used to fill the journal with the data, but there is no possibility to use configuration packages to fill the item tracking lines containing the serial or lot numbers.

Can you add this functionality?
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Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. 

I believe you should be able to import and export SN / Lot information linked to the Item Journal line. Just ensure to refer to table 337 - Reservation Entries in your configuration package (learn more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/design-details-active-versus-historic-item-tracking-entries).

You can also use configuration packages to import serial / lot details if you use Warehouse Item Journal and warehouse tracking is enabled in the item tracking code. The table 6550 Warehouse Tracking Lines was included into license.

You may also want to vote for the following suggestion as together with Edit in Excel it addresses the problem: Add Lot & Serial No. to Item Journal Lines


Andrei Panko
PM, Microsoft