Currently when you do an Item Journal (Item Journal, Physical Inventory Journal, Reclassification Journal, Consumption Journal, Output Journal, and Production Journal) you have to enter the Item Tracking in a sub page.
This causes masses of extra work especially with Physical Inventory Journals

I have been modifying NAV since v3.6 right up to a current BC15 implementation to allow you to enter the details on the face of the Item Journal Line.

In an ideal you would have the ability to have both options controlled by a flag on the Journal Batch.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer-term roadmap.

Please continue adding your valuable votes and comments to the suggestion. This helps prioritize and ensure the right scenarios are covered.

Andrei Panko
PM, Microsoft



Also "Copy Item Journal Line" button will be desired. then you just correct SerialNo or LotNo. columns...

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The fact is that fields "Serial No." and "Lot No." are editable in table 7311 "Warehouse Journal Line". Allas not "Warranty Date", "Expiration Date", "New Serial No." etc. So please include this table also in this request. I also have been setting these T83 fields to editable all the way up to NAV3.01B. We cannot go to SaaS at all if this is not changed in the very near future.

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