The estimates in the D365FO project process are only based from total forecast model (or one of the forecasts models), and not from a budget.

As many companies in private sector use the budget to track the different revisions (not allowed in the forecast), it means that you must update manually the total forecast each time you revised your budget (the system allows to import the original budget from the forecasts, but not budget revisions).

So i propose to add the option to be able for each budget revision to automaticaly add the updated cost to the category corresponding in the total forecast (at the revision date). So that, it will cancel this painfull manual copy from forecast budget revision to total forecast, to have the total forecast updated from the budget revision.

In the reality, ALL the customers will do this customization, because it is clearly a missing process in D365FO Project estimates, as if you don't do that, the forecasts will not match to the budget amount!