"Batch journal creation" job allows a user to post monthly transactions for all the lease schedules with ability to post.

During the implementation finance team asked: "Well, how do we review and approve all these journals". The system creates an individual journal for each asset for each schedule, so one asset creates at least 4 journals. Approval step is required by auditors for all manual transactions.

And it looks the original idea of the module was to approve leases via workflow and lock the monthly journals from editing. Still this idea is hard to pass with auditors when they see those journals as manually created and posted without approval by a person.

So why don't we just let the system run "Batch journal creation" job on a schedule and post it under system user automatically so users don't need to do anything, and we will mark these transactions as automatic.

The issue is that the "Batch journal creation" job does not recalculate From/To date in run time even if Due in parameter is used.

The fix would be a quick one but the standard code in done in the way which does not support any extensions (code is internal and final). If we can make From/To date to be defined during actual run based on Todays date and Due In then the job can be scheduled one time under system user which would make these transactions "automatic" and not manual.

Category: Asset Leasing