For some reason you have decided to close down the possibility to modify the omnichannel agent role. This role gives access on organization level to all queues. We use queues a lot in our business and they are owned by local users placed in different BU's. After this change, suddenly all users that has an omnichannel agent role can see all queues.

This is not very nice when you are working with queues, and you suddenly see 30 queues instead of 10 or 5 queues for only your business unit.

So we would recommend you to change so you can either modify the omnichannel agent role or you change the standard setup for the omnichannel agent role for the queue entity to be Business unit level instead of organizational level.

Alternative, you allow an omnichannel user to have a separate role than the standard omnichannel agent role to give you the same permissions except the queue part. If so customer could setup their own omnichannel agent role.