I never understood, and still do not understand why there are so many fields available in the tables which are not available for the users to personalize. It is just very un-user friendly and not very well to explain to customers that many fields are available but must be added by a developer and through an Extension!!!

Please, please do a thorough overhaul and put all possible functional fields (there are many!!) into the "personalise set" of fields.

We get more and more questions from customers who would really like to go into BC365 Cloud as standard as possible. They do not want to hire (and pay) for developers each time when they need one or two existing(!) fields to add to a page.
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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a duplicate of the following suggestion:  
Luckily, this already has a bunch of votes 😊 

Please add your valuable votes and comments to the suggestion above instead. 

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At least some explanation would be welcome?

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