Email tracking used to support the following:
Conversation tracking once a record was set regarding.
Tracking both sides of the conversation.
This no longer works and I have been told via my support ticket that this is 'by design'.

As we don't want to track all emails, just those to and from contacts, leads and account we select the 'track from contacts, leads, and accounts' This works as literally stated resulting in 1/2 a conversation being tracked. Documentation indicates that if an email in the chain is manually tracked (set regarding) the conversation will track. This does not work and I have been told by MS this is also by design, and that they are updating the documentation.

It makes no sense to automatically track 1/2 a conversation. We would be happy to track manually using the app for outlook (which works really well), but once we start tracking a conversation we should not have to track each email separately.
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