Current Design ============= - Current out of the box design doesn’t have a recurrence feature in the "Time Off Request" form side - Business (end users) perspective, there would be already arranged daily or weekly meetings - In that case, end users should create this "Time Off Request" one by one and this is a very time consuming task Design Change Request ============= - If there is any "Set Recurrence" feature for the "Time Off Request" form as like "Recurrence Appointment" UI, it would be the best to book regular schedules - Please add this request into future product release

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Thanks for your feedback.

Can you please help us understand how this would be different than simply modifying the users' hours or having a work hours template that can be applied to define recurring times where the user is not working? It sounds like you're saying that the user is out on a recurring basis and unavailable from working hours. If so, it sounds like modifying the work hours calendar would give you the desired results.

If that's not a valid approach, I'd love to better understand the details to make sure I grasp the underlying need for a recurring Time Off Request.

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Jason Cohen

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This for me is applying the booking reoccurrence feature in Agreements to Time off request.

Category: Field Service