When the customer turns on the Omni-Channel Payment features, all Omni-Channels (Ecommerce, POS and Call Center) are writing the payment information to a shared table. This is allowing for the payments taken at Ecommerce to be settled, edited and cancelled from the POS and Call Center, this scenario works in multiple combination.

When using the Call Center, and reviewing orders created from Ecommerce and POS you have the ability to see the payment information. This includes all the token information. You can cancel and refund back to the original payment method that the customer is using. Without these two features, the is no way for the user to service the customer correctly, creating a bad customer experience.

However, the only feature that you do not have the ability to use is the Price Match and Order Credit functionality. Giving the Call Center Rep no ability to handle any customer problem that come up, from honoring a promotional price that did not get applied at checkout or refunding back the Shipping charge due to unforeseen complications.

This is because when the call center representative opens the Sales Order form, a validation is done on the MCRPriceControlEnabled flag to allow for this functionality to be activated. With the Omni-Channel Payment turned on and the Payment Type on the Sales Order = Commerce or Call Center, the Call Center rep has access to the information needed to perform these two tasks of Price Match and Order Credit.

I ask that additional validation is added to the sales order form to allow for Price Match and Order Credit to be allowed on Ecommerce and POS order as long as the Omini-Channel Payment features is turned on and the Payment Type is = Commerce.

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Thanks for the idea. We have marked this as "Needs votes" and will track this closely.