A common scenario on most web platforms is the ability for customer services to view and take control of a customers online basket. This could happen where a customer is having difficulties on the website and wants a customer services representative to help them complete their order placement.

Currently, online 'in-progress baskets' are only stored in the scale unit which means there can be no visibility of these from HQ.

Ideally a customer services representative would be able to search for a customer's basket, (using customer details for authenticated users, or based on time and products in basket, or maybe an ID number displayed on screen to the customer), and then convert that into a sales order in D365.

This could potentially be achieved by adding a 'Help' button on the website, which triggers the current basket to be saved as a retail transaction, and then a function to retrieve that basket (maybe similar to suspend and recall, but cross channel between online and call center).
Needs Votes