Currently there is some mystical timeframe which segments refresh the members. Maybe once an hour. For someone who is trying to create a segment and test it to see what members it returns this is impossibly slow. If you make a first stab at the list, you can't expect people to go away for an hour just to make a change. There should be a way for us to kick Azure into refreshing the segment or just have it refresh every time someone goes to the members tab as they obviously want to see the most recent list. If you must keep it on your own timeframe, at least give us a countdown to the next refresh time so we can plan our work. So far I'm just aimlessly wandering back every now and again in the hope they've refreshed. This is not helped by the fact that segments are so hard to build especially if relationships are involved. If you don't get it 100% correct in the first try, you're better just deleting it and starting again as far as I can see.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We are providing several related tools to improve the respective performance:

1. Live Editing of segments

2. Instant Evaluation of changes being done by the user 

3. Much enhanced query performance 

With those enhancements in place a force refresh now is less relevant. But if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.


Christian Abeln, PM,




I absolutely underwrite it

Category: Segmentation