When an invoice is subject to withholding tax, there is no way for user to have this information before invoice is selected for settlement.

It will be added value if when user checks invoice some box informed user that this invoice is subject to withholding tax.

Example: in payment history, there is a difference between payment amount and some of invoices but no information on why this can be due.
Withholding tax should be available for user to have full detail of payment.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for sharing your idea. 
We haven't heard this from other customers, yet, and this hasn't got enough votes for further consideration. For the foreseeable future, we are not considering the suggestion but if you find more customers that ask for the same scenario, please keep sharing the insights.
We do appreciate your feedback and hope you'll continue to submit ideas for improvement in the future.

Leonid Nesterov,
Program manager,