As there are some limitation to creating a custom API Page (see https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=faebf3ca-e777-e911-80e7-0003ff68b03b) it would be great if we could extend API pages to include additional standard or custom fields.

For example the Customer Entity API Page uses a complex data type for the Address. However, that cannot be changed in BC (as you cannot access it) and it means the Flow connector cannot add enough Address info (only Street, City, State, County and Post Code) - where is Address 2 in all this?

Thanks for the explanation Using complex types with custom APIs - Vjeko.com 

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It seems also very important for us since we have an standard v2 extension that we need to install in every customer BC deployment to works with our application.

This is almost perfect, unless the customer needs custom fields in BC and want our application to use them...

Since we don't have access to the customer BC environment, we cannot add custom fields in our extension.
This new feature would allow customers or partners to add custom fields in our extension at the same time they add them in standard pages...

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This is especially important since we are urged to break up monolithic apps into smaller ones. Imagine having apps neatly broken up, ending up with two apps A and B, and one for the interplay (such as adding a B field to an A table) that is depending on them both: AB. Now if you're exposing the data of these apps via APIs, and you want to support A and B to be used both independently (which is the idea of having them separated) and combined (with the AB app on top of them), you would need API pages for A tables and for B tables, but as soon as you want to expose the B field that is added to the A table, you would also need to create an exact copy of the API page for the A table with just one B field added to it. That doesn't make sense.

If only we could
- add new fields to an API page, or
- allow extensions with the same prefix to extend API pages, or
- in some other way allow another extension to extend an API page

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