Suggested Wed, 14 Mar 2018 16:52:27 GMT by Mike GiuffreUnder Review
Category: Tools - eConnect

eConnect is an essential tool for integrations to Dynamics GP. Please enhance and add to the target object set for new features and functions added to GP. This tool has not been enhanced for a long time.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the suggestion, we will take it under advisement.

Jodi Christiansen,

PM, Microsoft

Comments (11)
  • I would also like to see this moved to GitHub - and all the remaining Project Accounting Series too (Inventory)
  • Can you consider open sourcing eConnect on GitHub?
  • it would be nice to have manufacturing integration too.
  • SOP eConnect needs the email populated as well.
  • Absolutely! GP is known for it's integration capabilities let's get eConnect updated.
  • There needs to be a node for applying Accounts Payable documents as well.
  • In the HR world, we would love to be able to use eConnect to integrate resumes and applications into the Applicant Module. We can use eConnect to fill in the fields but not the PDF of their resume or application. Definitely agree that having the ability to use eConnect for all fields in GP for ALL modules would be beneficial.
  • It sure seems like eConnect development died years ago. I'm guessing the original folks no longer work there and do not have the expertise anymore to re-create the business rules in SQL stored procedures like eConnect does. Sad.
  • It is embarrassing when we get excited about a new feature (Inventory Reason Codes!) only to find that it has not been exposed to tools, including eConnect and Integration Manager.
  • Would love to see deposits automatically created for cash receipts when the checkbox is chosen in Company set-up.