In the proces industry we are often using the flushing principle "Avaliable on location". We also use staging concept and pick complete LP´s to the prod in location. However due to yield and over and under production we are not always consuming according to work and we want to return from line and "unpick" the quantity from the prodution order. I image a new mobil menu item "Retur from line" and then being able to key bin the LP and quantity and then have the system suggesting the original pick location. Once the return fro line has been ended, the pick list will have a inverser pick list with correct set of dimensions. We see this as a mobile app feature because this is not done in the back office.

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When using staging, I believe an 'unpick' would not be necesary as the surplus qty would not have been picked to the production order. What is realy needed is a 'one-step' function to: a/ count what's left on the LP and b/ bring back the LP to the warehouse to an appropriate location (eg. this could be a rack where all non-full pallets are stored and not necesarrily the original location of the LP). Currently, this is a 3 step process: set LP in a isolated location, count the location, move the lp to WH. This is indeed far to complex as Henrik stated.

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Dear Microsoft - dear Johan.

I am very happy, that this new feature is being planned in.

It encourage me - later today you will see a new idea.



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