As the customer service teams are more dynamic and every agent works with multi platforms at the same time, Dynamics 365 Omnichannel Customer Service could have an option for the agents to be notified when the user replies on the chatbot.

There are many cases where an agent has to wait for several minutes before getting any answer from the customer on the other side of the chat. At the mean time, the agents can provide another assistance to a different customer using, for example, email.

As the D365CS window would then be minimized, the agent doesn't know when the customer is answering or not.

A simple option in the Workstream - Chat channel settings could solve this inconvenience.

It could be the same notification when there is an incoming chat.

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Omnichannel provides sound notifications for both incoming conversations and ongoing conversations:
Personalize sound notifications in Omnichannel for Customer Service. | Microsoft Learn