While working in AL code, it is important the intellisense lists all the keys for the table object or variable (similar to the list of table fields). This will improve accuracy and speed of working with AL code. It is suggested to list the keys in the following methods when a " symbol is entered in the following methods.

Record.SETCURRNTKEY() in AL code in general
DataItemTableView = SORTING() In Report Object
SourceTableView = SORTING() in XML Port Object

Please note it is working correctly on SourceTableView = SORTING() on a Page object. We want the same features on other areas listed above as well.
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Thank you for this suggestion! 

We have now added the ability to see keys when calling sorting() in 2022 release wave 2. 

This idea covered setcurrentkey() as well, which is not yet supported, but since there is an existing idea exclusively for that, and with a few more votes, we are going to resolve this idea as delivered

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It is already working as required in Page Object ----> SourceTableView = SORTING();

But not working in the following area. So please add them to the list.
In Report Object ----> DataItemTableView = SORTING();
In XML Port Object ----> SourceTableView = SORTING();
Any Object ----> SETCURRENTKEY();

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Can you please target this change on the next major release to improve experience working with AL code

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