Since the release of the distributed order management functionality, we have seen a massive amount of customers interest. One ask that every single one of our customers has raised, is the ability to prioritise order assignment based on stock churn of the items on the order.

The core business driver they are seeing for implementing the functionality, is to remove slow moving or end of season stock from stores, through sales (being delivered to customer), to minimise the costly exercise of consolidation back to larger stores or back to a DC, to be sold at clearance events/shows etc.

In order to maximise the benefit, it would be great if a DOM rule could be created to prioritise the fulfillment location based on if the items are slow moving at the location. This ensures that stores actually selling the item in store retain the stock required for in store sales, where as stores struggling to move that line are able to reduce the on-hand stock.
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Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to monitor the votes to determine its consideration into our feature backlog. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce