There is a 1:N relationship between the account and the functional location.

Repro: customer opens a custom application and click on accounts and opens a existing account => clicks on Assets||location in sub grid.
we have Tree view control for Assets||location in sub grid in which when we click on 3 dots beside parent record and choose new functional location, we cannot see the account (Site service account) getting mapped automatically. however, if we click on 3 dots on child records and choose new functional location, it do show account (Site service account) automatically in the field.
When we click on related tab from account entity and choose functional location and click on new functional location from Read only as grid view it works in that control. it is only not working for Tree view control. when we reached to product team they said this is by design and suggested to,
1.Open the custom app in app designer where we see this issue, here I am opening Sales Team Member app designer.
2.Add functional location entity to the app from Add -> Entities
3.Click on Forms components of functional location entity, uncheck “All” and select only quick create form for functional location
4.Publish the app and verify that functional location form will open quick create form in tree view control

When customer tried this and tried to open new functional location from Assets||location in sub grid in Tree view, he sees main form instead of quick create form.

1. why it is not working on Tree view control?
2. Why it opens in main form instead of quick create?
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