If a manager has employees employed in multiple legal entities reporting to them, manager has to switch between legal entities to see their compensation. Ideally, there would be a comprehensive way of viewing compensation for each worker in each LE they have fixed compensation in in one single view. This could easily apply to "Pending time off requests from my team" and Leave and Absence data viewed by manager in general which I believe also work on the same mechanism i.e. manager needs to jump between LEs to see the time off requests and balances. Thank you

Ideas Administrator

We’re pleased to announce the completion of this functionality.  For more information, see compensation in employee self service.  This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



Thank you for the update. Additionally, could you please include "Years for service" to include all the legal entities? Worker might appear as being employed for 2 years for manager if they're looking in legal entity A but actually, the worker was transferred from LE B after 6 years and therefore the information is misleading and incorrect. Thank you

Category: Employee and Manager Self-Service