Currently, every time a production / batch order is created, the production reservation is initialised by a production parameter and applied to all the BOM lines of that order. If you need to, you can open the BOM line and change the reservation setting for one particular line (highly inefficient).

We need the ability to add a third layer to this logic (parameters < header), which would allow overriding the production reservation setting for certain raw materials. Similar to the field of the item model group that overrides the sales reservation, I would add another field in the same place that overrides the production reservation.

The result would be that all BOM lines use a "default" reservation logic (coming from the parameters and the header) except the ones that have this reservation overriden by this new parameter in the item model group.

Our business case driving this suggestion:

We make a chemical blend that gets packed into different packing formats (different sizes, brands, etc.).
As an example we might make 1000 Kg of a blend, to be used in two different formats (500 Kgs per packing order). As soon as the orders get created, the blend is made and then the packing orders get released (thus, reserving the blend 500 Kg each).

But production is not a perfect science. We might use 550 Kgs on our first run; as soon as we try to use the extra 50 Kgs, it can't consume them because the rest of the stock is reserved for the other order.
In our scenario, the reservation doesn't provide any benefit to the process (we make those blends specifically to be packed) and we would use this enhancement to override the standard reservation at Release for a Manual one.

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This feature is now available. In the item model group it is possible to override the default setting of reservation chosen when creating a production or batch order.


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Reservations in a production environment where yields can vary a bit as well as just in time inventory that is highly shared across running production orders would benefit greatly from this feature. Would like to know if this feature is still scheduled or released - what is the feature name if it's available?

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This has been on-going battle with our Production and Inventory Control Teams. Microsoft has been close to discussing solutions and I am confident this fix would benefit all customers.

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This will greatly reduce the 'Insufficient inventory' errors received on mobile devices when reporting as finished and save production companies time spent removing reservations to allow the back-flushing flexibility they need.

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