ApplicationArea (#Advanced) this option is OFF even on fresh Business Central trial tenant (no old Cloud version background, old Cloud version (D365 FO BE) had limited functionality). // I’ve created this tenant via public link… BUT we still have many controls (columns/fields on pages) that have tag #Advanced. As result with Business Central (BC) trial tenant even with User Experience = Premium we do not see controls that marked #Advanced tag only. The part of functionality is hidden but common expectation from BC – BC is full NAV. ?!

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Thank you for your feedback.

We will release this feature [exposing all #Advanced actions/control] as part of the functionality in the Fall 2018 release.

The #Advanced-tagged actions/controls have been re-tagged to existing tags or new tags that are part of Essential or Premium experiences. They will therefore be exposed in their relevant experiences. 


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I think that MS is 'saying' BC is NAV but we all know that BC is way out of sync with NAV. My team has a long list of Nav features not available in BC. Maybe by Fall, the code base will be closer but if the BC on-prem delivery in Fall is the same as on-line we are all in for a shock! It is impossible to migrate a Nav customer to BC due to major features missing at the moment. I am confident BC will be up to the same level in the future just not in the near future :-(

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