There are some organisations which allow managers to enter entries for employee. These entries can be either Overtime or holiday pay-in or some activities that have piece related calculations. Manager should be able to enter for their reporting employees through ESS. These activities/overtime can be defined using Earning codes available in Personnel management. All the transactions recorded by manager will be pushed to payroll through interfaces. This is more like submitting variable compensation records for the employees but by manager. These transactions can be time entries or piece rate entries. Manager selects the employee (under My team) > create the record > system should be able to allow the manager to create multiple entries. An unique identification record for the transaction should be created at header level with worker details and the line transactions should contain the below: 1. Worker 2. Transaction date 3. Position (which will be defaulted) 4. Earning code 5. Hours (should be enabled if the units of measurement of earning code is Hours) 6. Units (should be enabled if the units of measurement of earning code is NOT Hours) 7. Amount (this can be optional as the value will be defined in Payroll system) A status field should be allowed with some status and allow the HR/payroll team to rename few statuses as per needs.

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