I cannot upload the excel file that is enabled for a macro. I can only have the standard excel template and Word template that are available for uploading CRM data.

Please add .xlsm as another option.





Almost everywhere in CRM that you have the ability to UPLOAD and use XLSX or XLS, we need to be able to use XLSM.

As well as DOCX and DOCM.


Reason is, you introduced Templates for Word and Excel in Dynamics 2016/365.  As I write more reports using the formats, the data seems to be very easy to manipulate, but there are limitations for aggregation.  Meaning Power Query goes a long ways, but I have to create more that one dataset to produce the desired results; whereas, if I had a Macro and a button, I could give the users the ability to download the DOCM or XLSM, when the user opens the file, they can click a button, that will run the desired manipulation.


The results are typically a more responsive client side use of Word and Excel that has far greater ability and reach than SSRS using FetchXML.  SSRS and FetchXML has limitations for controlling some of the aggregate functions that T-SQL has but just are not available on a FetchXML dataset.


Thanks - this would be a huge help...

..Derrick Tate..

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