It would be helpful if the previously selected Load filter in the Load planning workbench always remained in place for a given user, to reduce the impact to performance when the workbench attempts to show all open loads.

When creating or consolidating new loads, the user-selected Load filter is cleared out.

Maintaining this filter would assist in sorting the loads in a more logical way, which is inherently sorted by created date when a Load filter is applied. This is much easier to manage than the current state, where the newly created load appears inconsistently somewhere in the middle of the form.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to: in version 10.0.31, we released outbound load planning workbench to improve performance.


Roger Sa

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Hi all,

We have a similar issue with grouping, where the groupings are lost when the form filters are changed. We submitted a bug and were told that there is a limitation in the form because of the way the filters are applied and it would need to have a big impact across multiple companies before it will be changed.

Please vote for this so the form can be redesigned to support user personalizations.

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Hi all,

I have the similar request. "Saving the Filter" on the "planning Worksheet" could help a lot.

Thanks in avance

"On many pages, it is possible to save the filter settings, but it seems not possible on the planning Worksheet.
This functionnality would really ease everyday work, especially when several persons are using the planning Worksheet page."

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