In the Dimensions page and you go to Navigate > Account Type Default Dim. when you set a value in the "Dimension Value Code", it doesn't actually default the Dimensions Value to the Table you've set. According to Microsoft, this is by design and "this functionality is to prevent posting from occurring without the Dimension Value defined. It doesn’t default the actual Dimension setup on the Item."

It would be nice if the Dimension Value actually defaults to the master record (e.g. Customer, Vendor, and/or Item) you're trying to create.
Needs Votes
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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future. Sincerely, Business Central Team



Adding to this one as by Global Dimension 1 for a customer is DEPT. On my COA, I have all balance sheet accounts setup with Default Dimension Value Code = 000 and Value Posting = Same Code. Logically, I expected the 000 value to default on my AP distributions when entering a Purchase Invoice, but the default DEPT in the Invoice Details section is not defaulting. As a result, the DEPT dimension is blank. I'm not easily able to run reports within BC based on a DEPT value that is null. I can restrict by dimensions with actual values, but blank, spaces or null are not options. For my balance sheet account, I'd like the Same Code to default anywhere that GL account is used.

If the Value Posting is blank or code mandatory and there is a default Dimension Value Code defined, I'd like to see that default on all G/L lines where that account is used UNLESS we are defining a different dimension value in the posting group definition. To that end, it would be nice if we can define default dimensions within a posting group. For example, If I wanted to separate my vendor AP posting by DEPT, I would like to be able to define the GL account as 2000, but I would like all vendors that are in the EMPLOYEE Posting Group to post to DEPT 100 and vendors who are REGULAR to post to everything EXCEPT 000 and 100.

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