Currently there is no simple way to track the contacts or leads that have email addresses that have hard bounced. I understand that hard bounces are tracked by email address and have no direct connection to the contact or lead. Also, the functionality to create a segment from the hard bounces of the email tile in a journey is not useful because it is limited to a single journey. It also will not remove contacts from that segment once the email address is updated.

What would make it much easier to address hard bounces is to populate a flag on the contact or lead record when the email address on that record hard-bounces. When the email address is modified or cleared, the flag would be cleared.

Ideally there would be a system view on contacts and leads that displays these records, so they can targeted for action to correct the email addresses.

It would also allow for a single segment to be created to be used as a suppression segment to exclude these records from customer journeys until the email address is updated.

We are currently performing the same actions using Power Automate and an export of the hard-bounces to populate a custom flag, but this is very tedious and would be much better experience if it was automatic within the platform.
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Hard bounce flagging is very much needed as this is an important indicator of customer data: a hard bounced contact is almost always a lost contact which can be deactivated or otherwise processed.

Currently it is possible to automatize this process by activating the analytics connector which dumps all the interaction data to an Azure blob storage, and then processing the data from there using Power Automate, but this is not really the way most clients want to do this. (Also, tinkering with csv files from the blob storage requires quite lot of skills.)

Category: Segmentation