France localisation does not have contained electronic reports for international payment and treasury transfer. These features have requested for ages by customer and where most of time covered by partners. But they are standard requirement, where more and more financial transactions are not domestic. https://www.cfonb.org/Default.aspx?lid=1&rid=122&rvid=144 international payment format for payment • in currency, • in euro outside SEPA area, • en euro with fees BEN or OUR, • en euro without BIC or IBAN. treasury transfer th Le virement de trésorerie est caractérisé par un CategoryPurpose ‘TREA’ et des frais partagés.

April 2020
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


PM, Leonid Nesterov,





Effectively these features have been requested for ages by all of our customers who don't understand why international solutions such as AX or D365 FO do not contain these standard requirements while smaller solutions or competitors solutions have these features.

It would be a great thing to have D365FO improved with these features !

Category: Globalization - Regulatory features