Products are categorized into Service, Inventory and Non-Inventory.

When you need to add services tasks to the Work order, you will go to the Service Tasks section and click + Add Work Order Service Task record.

In the product’s View, when you click + to open a new window, it only allows you to add Inventory and Non-inventory products.

Services cannot be added. This isn’t convenient at all.

Category: Field Service
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: Service Tasks are not meant to enter products, they are meant to track your internal tasks that the technician would need to perform on the job site, acting as a "check-list" for his/her technical actions. 

To enter products/services please use the respective entities (Work Order Products and Work Order Service), which is where you would be able to use the CRM Products. For Work Order Products we allow you to enter a CRM product that is tagged as an Inventory or Non-Inventory item, likewise for the Work Order Service entity we only allow using CRM products that are marked "Service" in the field service section. 

For further details on how to enter products I would advise consulting the help section of the Dynamics 365 Field Service.  


Shloma Baum

PM, Microsoft