In both page and line 'Action Bars' (formerly ribbons, not sure if that's what they are called now), I frequently need to click "More options" to reveal one or two more dropdown menus, such as Line, Navigate or Report. This doesn't really decrease clutter but does require users to click more often and search longer for the options they look for.

Not showing the "More options" or "Less options" buttons when they would reveal just one or possibly two options would make Business Central easier to navigate.
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Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in Modern Action Bar.

Please refer to the following link for more information:

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The options/ menus of the Bank Reconciliation tool need to be reworked.

-Match Manually button needs to be a stand alone button so you don't have to click twice Matching > Match Manually ... if you manually match 100 items, this 4 clicks per match (select Statement Line, select Bank Ledger entry, select Match menu, click Match Manually).

-Show All/Show Nonmatched buttons need to be stand alone buttons outside of a menu. Currently you have three clicks... More Options > Actions > Matching > Show All

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The key top level menus line (for sub-menus), Navigate, Actions and report should always be visible. This would reduce the number of clicks to access any option. It takes far to many clicks for some options.
For example on the item card to access an Item Availability view I have to click:
1) More Options
2) Navigate
3) Item availability by
4) The availability view I want.
That's four selections for something that was two on the old Windows client.

Can we also review the menu options on the key card views There are some strange groupings, For example why is statistics under Item availability on the item card and missing completely from the item list.? Ideally the same option on the equivalent list and card views should be in the same place.

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