It is not possible to insert conditions in the settings of the function. Example: For the following “code fields” VL003001 and VL004001 the condition is: If value of “VL003001”> 0 then “VL004001” = 0 else VL004001> 0 but there is no way to enter a condition in the settings, so you must always manually remove and fix these values before exporting the file. The same for the fields: VL032001 and VL033001 VL038001 and VL039001 VX001001 and VX002001 VX005001 The xml file needs to be manipulated before sending it to Tax Authority. ACTUAL RESULT In the file I have both fields VL003001 and VL004001. EXPECTED RESULT I should have a way to say to the system that IF VL001001-VL002001 is greater than 0, then I need to have VL003001 in the file with the total difference amount. On the other way round, if VL001001-VL002001 is less than 0, the file should show field VL004001 with the total difference absolute amount.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: Setup suggestion for this case is published on LCS: https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details?bugId=433362&dbType=3&qc=5497ae00d65bfdd8559058e7e8916e66efb2fe6c61c262e7b9db77a45c231083


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