Currently, when a Due Date is manually typed in on a Purchase Order, the Cash Flow Forecast entry date is a recalculated date based on the Purchase Order's Payment Terms.

For example, a user creates a Purchase Order with a Payment Terms of Net 30. Assuming the Document Date is March 1st, the Due Date defaults to March 31st. The user will manually override the Due Date to an arbitrary date (e.g. April 15th).

When the user runs the Cash Flow Forecast, the entry date for the Purchase Order will be March 31st and not April 15th. Per Microsoft, this is current limitation where the Cash Flow Forecast recalculates the date based on the Purchase Order's Payment Terms.

However, if a user does the exact same process for a Purchase Invoice, the Cash Flow Entry Date uses the manually typed in Due Date - this is what we would like for the Purchase Orders too.
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