1. Voucher should be the same as Interest note or Reversal transactions
2. Invoice number should have Interest note number - not invoice number
3. Transaction type should be Interest - not customer
4. Voucher posting type should be customer interest - not customer revenue.
Just parameters should be the same as original transaction.
I cannot see any info on interest note when was waived. just to compare if transactions type Interest are equal to GL account for interest notes.

Expected Result:
Voucher number sequence should be like in interest note or reversal transaction.
Invoice should be original interest note number.
Transaction type should be Interests.
Voucher posting type should be customer interests.
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on this idea based on feedback

  1. Scenario, it can happen that company needs to cancel interest note after month end is closed. Customer may have financial issue (or any good reason) that delays payment.

Fiscal period cannot be reopened. Then interest note cannot be canceled / reversed / waive.

  1. when interest note is reversed, the invoice number and voucher number is inherited from Free text invoice credit note.

it is not consistent with business document. We should have specific voucher series for interest note to be cancelled.

  1. When interest note is cancelled posting type is customer revenue. that is not consistent with initial posting type that is customer interest.

with automatic ledger settlement that can be based on posting type, there will have issue

  1. specific format for interest note invoice should exist.

Category: Credit and collections