Issue: D365 Contacts Add-in is not visible in the Navigation pane of Outlook desktop App.
Issue description:
- Outlook Add-in to manage Contacts in bottom bar is Missing, however, user can see Dynamics 365 app for outlook in the ribbon
- for the same user we have verified in another machine with different versions of desktop outlook and its working fine.
The existence of the folder depends on the installation state of the add-in. Once you install the add-in with a Module Extension point, Exchange creates a folder behind the scenes so you can access it in the module. If you disable/uninstall the add-in, the folder will be deleted.
The add-in was installed previously and the folder was visible and everything was working fine. For some reason, if the add-in was disabled/removed/uninstalled, the folder is deleted in Exchange. Until now all changes were synced successfully down to the client so the module was no longer visible. However, after this when the add-in was reinstalled, the folder on exchange got created again but the sync engine wasn't able to sync the folder down to the client which is why the module was still no longer visible even though the add-in was installed. When this happens, creating a new profile fixes this issue which is what I believe happened here.

Workaround :
This is a limitation of win-32 and the way it syncs folders. Once the folder is removed, Exchange will sync and the Add-ins folder will be missing in cached mode. The folder will not be synced back down, even if the folder is re-added.

The only way to force a sync is to create a new profile, That is why you are able to see the Add-ins folder in the new profile only.

Please find the force a sync is to create a new profile under outlook in below :
• Turn off cached mode and please verify if the Add-ins folder appears: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/turn-on-cached-exchange-mode-7885af08-9a60-4ec3-850a-e221c1ed0c1c
• Create a new profile in Outlook.

Ask :
We need a fix for this issue permanently.
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