In our organisation we intensively make use of the appointment functionality in Dynamics 365 (Sales). It is nice to see a very seamless integration with the Outlook Calendar app all the users on the appointments created.

But it is very annoying (and somewhat unbelievable) to have the Room Finder absent when booking an appointment in Dynamics 365 . All our user have to go to the Outlook app to book their rooms there in stead of directly in Dynamics.

To attach a room (resource) to an appointment, our users have to follow these frustrating steps: the user creates an appointment in Dynamics -> save and close it -> go to Outlook Calendar -> wait 1 or 2 minutes for their recently created appointment to appear there -> open the appointment -> use the Room Finder to find an available room -> book the room by saving the appointment ( -> then it takes another 4 to 5 minutes for the chosen room to appear in Dynamics Appointments)




Thank you Alexander, for describing in words what one would think should be a must-have in a Sales engagement tool.

In our case, our Sales Operations team struggles to increase adoption of working within the system because of "small" things like this, so hopefully Microsoft takes a look at this requirement.

Category: Email Management and Outlook Integration