From [Customize the system], open [Entities] - [Control], apply "Read-only Grid (default)" to the "Web", the view is displayed as usual. However, if applying "Editable Grid" to "Web", the view will look different.
Since End users usually use Dynamics 365 (online) on their mobile devices, it is very hard to look at and use it because of the display difference. It would be user-friendly if the view is the same as before when applying "Editable Grid" to the "Web".
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Hi Microsoft Support

In our online system we have an editable grid. We need to display the same editable grid in the CRM Dynamics Mobile application. The cells in the grid should be editable on the mobile but they are read only. The cells are editable for the same application on a tablet device and are working fine. We are using the grid settings as described below,

GRID settings: We have used the "Read Only Grid" control (different from "Editable Grid" control & "Read-only Grid (default)" control) for the "Phone" application and we have set the reflow behavior to "Grid Only (Enum)". This setting displays the same grid (with scroll bar) as the the online system. Looks great as we can see all the columns on the grid and scroll across!. This should address Takao Mizushima issue by displaying the grid correctly.

The issue we have now is that the correct grid with extra is displayed but it is not editable. How do we make it editable on the mobile application ? I was told by Microsoft support the cells in editable views where editable but where removed due to customer feedback. I believe the customers made this judgment because they only saw there editable views in list view (only one column was being displayed - as mentioned by Takao) and because these customer did not understand the reflow behavior in the alternative "Read Only Grid" control.

A SUGGESTION: Make the "Editable Grid" control available for the phone and also add the same reflow behavior option "Grid Only (Enum)" that is available in the "Read Only Grid" control available in the "Editable Grid" control . Please advise about what can be done to resolve this issue as the CRM online UI functionality should be similar to the mobile UI.

Please allow us to have editable, "Editable Views" in a grid only view back in the CRM mobile application. Our users need this feature back!

Boota Chaggar
Global Technical Owner for MSCRM Dynamics

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